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Capital Reman At Work - Busy Busy
Every day a lot of work gets done here at Capital Reman Exchange. Our current backlog is 27 diesel engines currently in production or slated for production. Each department is busy every day but we strive to keep organized, keep clean and keep on track. We live and die by the Quality of the work we do here. In fact our company motto is : Quality, Customer, Company.Above all, the quality of work comes before anything else we do. Next is to deliver top notch customer service. We are nothing without our customers. The last priority is the needs of the company. We will always do our best to deliver diesel engines and parts that work as described. We know our customers count on these engines to get back on the road or to finish that mining or paving project. Money, time and people's livelihoods are on the line and we know that first hand. We take our job here very seriously. Our goal as an AERA Engine Rebuild Facility is to be as efficient as possible while never cutting corners. Take a look at some real live action shots of the guys at work. Thanks again to our employees and our customers who make all of this happen. ... Read more