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$3 Million Dollar Car

Gold FerrariThe world's most expensive car was introduced to the world yesterday as it was strategically spotted outside a "well to-do gym" in the Kensington area of London.  The car in question was later identified as a Ferrari 458 Spyder. A Ferrari in an of itself is nothing newsworthy but this particular Ferrari just so happened to be wrapped in a $7,000 per once layer of paint. The Ferrari 458 Spyder retails around $330,000 but with the gold trimmings the car is worth well over $3,000,000. That's a spicy meatball! The ride has received considerable attention on social media and after some digging was found to belong to undefeated world kickboxing champion Riyadh Al Azzawi of Iraq who has held his place as King since 2008 with 47 wins from 47 matches. Much like a lot of diesel reman engine projectsthe Ferrari 458 Spyder engine produces a lot of tire to ground torque with an impressive 570 HP with a 4.5L V8 engine.

Watch the video here