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China Bans High Sulphur Diesel

ChinaChina has a notorious reputation for extremely polluted air. The air quality is so bad most days that citizens must wear masks outdoors. As the country evolves, tackling the emission issue has become a primary issues for the government. It was announced on June 30th that China will join the rest of the modern world by banning general diesel fuel with Sulphur containing more than 50 parts per million. The diesel fuel will ban will affect tractors, ships and off-road vehicles rather than automobiles.

The National Development & Reform Commission will encourage some areas of China to apply a ban to Sulphur content of 10 parts per million. All filling stations will be required to clearly mark the difference between automotive diesel and the new general diesel with lower Sulphur content.

The United States and Europe already have Ultra-Low Sulphur Bansin place for all types of diesel. The allowable Sulphur content in the US is 15 ppm enacted in 2007. It will be interesting to see how China tackles it pollution issue in the coming years.

China Pollution Map

China Pollution Map

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