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Cummins ISX Engine Rebuild Precautions

This informative video from IPD explains various precautions when working on the Cummins ISX or QSX Engines.

The older Cummins ISX dual cam design poses some interesting challenges when doing an engine overhaul. The exposed oil port openings pose a real threat to contamination of the bearings with dirt and debris. Dirt is the number cause of engine failure.

Cummins ISX Engine Bearing Failure Chart

In most diesel engines pressurized oil is pumped upward first through the main and rod bearing, then to the cam bearings and then to the valve train. In a Cummins ISX oil is pumped straight from the lower bearings to the upper bearings from four ports in each corner of the cylinder block.

Normal Engine Oil Flow Chart Normal Engine Oil Flow Chart

Cummins ISX Oil Flow Chart Cummins ISX Oil Flow Chart

As soon as the cylinder head is removed from the block this exposes those four main oil ports which opens up a pathway for debris to fall down into the lower bearings. Overhaul kits for the Cummins ISX come with eight plugs which are designed to plug the main oil ports as well as ancillary holes on the ends and sides of the block. Whether it is inframe maintenance that is being performed or a major out of frame overhaul it is imperative to keep a clean work area; free of dirt and debris. All it takes is a few grain of dirt to ruin an engine.

You can watch the entire informational video from IPD about Cummins ISX rebuild precautions below.


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