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Diesel Cylinder Head Transport Tools

Moving around 500-1000 lbs diesel cylinder heads around the machine shop is an arduous and oftentimes dangerous task. Safety is our number one priority here at Capital Reman and we have taken some unique precautions to moving cylinder heads from workstation to workstation. For larger cylinder heads we use an overhead crane or forklift. For small movements or lifts we have created some proprietary tools to get the job done.

For Mack diesel cylinder heads we use a stainless steel looped bolt that fits directly into the injector port. It fits exactly in all Mack E-7, E-Tech, ASET and E-6 Cylinder Heads. The loop design allows for a locked in fit while easy to transport a few feet.

Mack Cylinder Head Tool The loop and secure head bolt design works on all Mack Cylinder Heads.

For all other diesel cylinder heads the guys in the shop use a loop, lanyard and metal head bolt. The head bolt will fit through most ports on CAT, Cummins, Detroit or John Deere cylinder heads. We then use a metal chain secured through the loop to move the cylinder heads around the shop.

Traditional tool for moving diesel cylinder heads Traditional 3 part design for moving diesel cylinder heads


Traditional Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Tool Traditional Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Moving Tool Inserted Into Head Ready For Transport