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Ford Introduces New Welding Remanufacturing Technique

Ford MPlasma Arc Welding Upcloseotor Company has developed a breakthrough remanufacturing technique involving the repair of cylinder heads and engine blocks called Plasma Transferred Wire Arc Welding. The welding technique is an offshoot of plasma arc welding which has been revolutionary in automatically welding of large scale automotive parts. This technique was first invented in 2009 and is just now being implemented on a wide scale. Ford has used this technology on Mustang production linPlasma Arc Welding Simplifiede and has stated that the welding technique has the potential reduce production emissions by over 50%. Once unusable engine blocks and cylinder heads are being recycled and re-used at a significant cost savings.


Read the entire article about how Plasma Transferred Wire Arc Welding works and how the technology was developed.

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