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Goodyear Unveils Magnetic Levitation Tire Concept

goodyear magnetic tiresGoodyear Tire Company unveiled a wild concept video today which has the ability to revolutionize the tire industry and the way we drive. The new concept uses spherical 3D Tires which resemble a ball design which levitate on magnets. Here is the skinny on the concept:



  • 3D Printed Design
  • Shaped like a ball
  • Sponge like grove tread design
  • Customized tread modifies each second with changes in location and driving habits
  • Grooves in tires soften when wet for aquaplaning resistance
  • Water is ejected from tire via centrifugal force
  • Grooves in tires stiffens when dry to deliver maximum driving performance with road
  • Layer of foam under the tread ensures a large contact surface with the road
  • Active technology allows tires to move in any direction as needed
  • Tires that move in any direction reduces sliding into potential hazards
  • The technology will provide a smooth ride by creating fluid lateral movement
  • The tires will allow the driver to overtake obstacles without changing driving direction or accelerating the engine
  • Sensors in the tires register road conditions and adjust speed of vehicle automatically
  • Road and weather conditions are also communicated with other drivers on the road
  • Tires re-position angle and tread to prepare for the road ahead
  • Sensors register the wear of the tires and alert the driver
  • Tires re-position to optimize wear and extended mileage
  • Less space is needed to park due to tires that move in all directions
  • Parking cars laterally could increase the capacity of public parking lots without increasing the size of the lot

While this is still a concept and is likely a long way from becoming a reality, it’s still an incredibly cool vision of the world to come. Check out the full video below:


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