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Kubota Introduces First Ever 200 HP Engine: V5009

Kubota V5009 EngineBig news dropped today in the diesel engine industry today as the Kubota Engine Corporation announced the arrival of the V5009 Engine. This is significant news for the company as this is the first ever Kubota engine to ever exceed 200 HP. Kubota is known for its small and mid-ranged diesel engines primarily for forklifts, skid steers and wood chippers. The V5009 is a five-liter inline diesel engine and part of its new 09 Series. The engine will begin production starting 2020 and is consistent with Europe’s Stage V emissions mandates.

The V5009 has been years in the making by the Kubota engineering team headquartered in Japan. Kubota needed to meet the upcoming standards for the European Commission on Emissions or face exclusion from the market. The Stage V standards will be final in 2020 but many manufacturers have been preparing for the past 5 years or so for the biggest change to the ratings.

The Kubota V5009 makes an impressive 210.9 HP and can be dialed up for more horsepower with tweaks to the turbo, camshaft and aftercooler if need be. I’m sure many Kubota enthusiasts will be tinkering with the design as the years progress. Many customers might opt to upgrade older engines with the newer more powerful V5009 as well. For those looking for mobile genset applications the engine will put out 157 kW; perfect for rental power fleets. This new, more powerful, four cylinder engine is designed in such a way that it will match the output of six cylinder engines. The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Converter) have a big part in the added horsepower as the regeneration of exhaust gases will not only decrease emissions but increase performance.

Kubota EquipmentIt was not easy for the Japanese engineering team to create a bigger more powerful engine while keeping in mind the DPF and SCR technology. The team designed a high-pressure turbocharger which works in conjunction with the combustion chamber to create extreme pressure in the cylinder. The regeneration gasses from the SCR burn hotter in the cylinder creating more horsepower while cutting fuel consumption. Other design features include improved water ports to allow greater cooling, a wider frame to ensure balance and stability, a side power take off and additional bolt-on ports for accessories such as hydraulic pumps or intakes.

The jump to larger diesel engines only made sense for Kubota. Many of their long-time customers had to make the switch to another brand to fulfill their power requirements for larger applications. The company listened to the requests and decided that the time was right to create a new line of products for their growing customer base. The company will now offer industrial engines both below 100 HP and above 200 HP. The best part about the Kubota V5009 is that it will not require any major alterations to existing Kubota equipment. The engine’s "ladder design" is manufactured to be compact enough to fit all existing Kubota applications. The engine is a win/win for everyone as it reduces fuel costs, operating and maintenance costs as well as delivers a punch of power.