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Our Work, Our Team & Our Facility

Photo Gallery

Below is a gallery of completed work and other items that have been shipped to customers.


Mack E7 Engine Reman
CAT/PERKINS 3034 Complete
CAT/PERKINS 3034 Complete
CAT/PERKINS in Process
C7 ACERT Complete
CAT 3306 Block
Cummins ISB 5.9
Detroit Series 60 Assembly
Detroit Diesel S60 EGR
E7 Headed to New Zealand
Remanufactured Cylinder Heads in Machine Shop
INT’L DT466E Headed to San Antonio
Cylinder Head Work
Machine Shop Service
Cummins Marine Engine
Cummins ISX Longblock
Cummins ISX In Production
Laying the Crankshaft in John Deere 6101 Engine
Freddy Working on a Camshaft
Ben Cutting Main Caps
Connecting Rods and Turbos
Remanufactured CAT Cylinder Head
David – Cylinder Head Porting
CAT 3306 Longblock
CAT 3196 Reman Engine
Mack E-7 Etech Longblock
Detroit Series 60 Reman Engine
Camshaft Cores
Another Engine Done!
Crankshaft Cores Ready For Reman
Cummins 855 Complete
Komatsu Reman Engine
CAT C7 Complete Engine
Detroit Diesel 14.0 L Engine In Process
Cummins 4L in CASE Tractor
Crankshaft Grinding In Process
Cummins ISX Cylinder Head
Reman to OEM Spec Cams
Master Engine Builder Bart Hard At It
Arturo Grinding Rods
Crank and Heads
Luis Cleaning Parts
New Cylinder Heads
Cylinder Head Work
Applying Brake Clean
Longblock Engines Wrapped and Ready For Shipment
Pressure Testing Series 60 Head
Engine Cores In Storage
Cummins N14 Ready to Ship
Cummins 5.9 L Complete
Caterpillar 3306 Engine
Connecting Rods
Racks in Warehouse
Machine Shop Work
Caterpillar 3406E Reman Engine
CAT 3406E Reman Complete Engine
CAT 3406E Engine
CAT 3406E Engine
Mack E-7 Etech Reman Engine
Mack E-7 Etech Remanufactured Engine
Detroit Series 60 Reman Engine Complete
Detroit Series 60 Reman Complete
Detroit Diesel 60 Series Engine
Caterpillar C7 Reman Engine
CAT C7 Engine
CAT C7 Remaufactured Engine
Cummins 4BT Reman Engine
Cummins 4BT Remanufactured Engine
CAT 3126 Marine Engine
CAT C15 Reman Engine
Mack MP7 Remanufactured Engine
Mack E7 Timing Gears
Mack E7 Engine in Process
Diesel Engine in Process
Cummins ISM Longblock
Side View Cummins ISM Longblockk
Detroit Diesel 60 Series Upper Engine
Caterpillar 3066 Remanufactured Engine
Catepillar 3066 Reman Engine
Mack E-7 E-Tech Remanufactured Longblock Engine
Cummins ISX Rocker Assemblies
Connecting Rods and Rocker Assembliess
CAT C15 Connecting Rods
Ben working on Case 455 Reman Engine
Caterpillar 3306 Reman Longblock Engine
Caterpillar 3306 Longblock Engine
Cummins 6BT Reman Engine
Minneapolis Moline Lifters
David working on Caterpillar Cylinder Head
Cummins 855 Big Cam Remanufactured Engine
Cummins 855 Big Cam Remanufactured Engine
Diesel Crankshafts
New Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Shop
New Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Shop
New Workstations Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Shop
Frank looking like a boss grinding a crankshaft
Grinding a crankshaft
Freddy Grinding a Diesel Camshaft
Cummins ISX Longblock
Cummins ISX Longblock Engine
CAT 3116 Complete Engine Built By Ben Gunn
Mack E7 Marine Engine
We build the longblock but this is the finished complete engine.
Mack E7 Engine Marine
Mack E-7 Marine Diesel Engine
Shop Pictures Ben and Luis
Shop Pictures Ben and Luis
Cummins ISX 15 Top End
New Block Surfacer being carried by riggers
New Diesel Engine Block Equipment
Storm Vulcan Block Surfacing Equipment
New Block Equipment Installed
Frank and Ben working on the first diesel engine block on the upgraded equipment.
Checking Deck Height
Crankshaft waiting to be ground
Machine Shop
Crankshafts For Sale
Diesel Connecting Rods
Arturo Heating Some Rods
Mack Cylinder Head
Camshaft Core Inventory
Engine waiting to be shipped
CAT 3116 Engine Drying After Painting
4 Diesel Engines Wrapped and Ready for Shipment
3 Engine Torn Down and Awaiting Builds
Dennis and Richard Tearing Down Diesel Engine Core
CAT 3306 Surplus Engine
Finished Stock Cylinder Heads
More Stock Diesel Cylinder Heads
Frank Doing Engine Block Work
More Engine Block Adjustments
Mack Aset, Cummins ISX, CAT 3306 Engines for Stock
Mack Aset Stock Diesel Engine
CAT 3306 Stock Engine Build
CAT 3306 Stock Engine
Cat C13 KCB Longblock Engine
Mack Aset Longblock
Cummins ISX Longblock Dual Cam
Engines Wrapped and Ready to Ship