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Remanufactured Connecting Rods

Warranty ProgramAll Capital Reman Exchange connecting rod products are cleaned, magnafluxed then machined to O.E.M. specifications and honed to the standard diameter of original equipment for even distribution of stress on the connecting rod bearing systems. New bushings are installed and machined in all bushed rods. Every remanufactured connecting rod is carefully inspected for bend and twist. Having the ability to machine reconditioned connecting rods is a unique service that gives us the ability to assemble our own cylinder packs. Our state of the art equipment Diesel Connecting Rodsincluding Sunnen and Berco machinery give us the best finished remanufactured connecting rod on the market. All connecting rods come with a 1 year unlimited mile warranty.

Why Connecting Rods Fail

In most instances, rebuilt connecting rod parts aren’t “thrown” from place rather they structurally fail. Connecting rods are built to withstand extreme forces, engine temperatures and pressures however no rebuilt connecting rod lasts forever. The two typical engine repairs needed from a broken connecting rod are either to the cylinder head or to the engine block itself. If the engine connecting rod breaks while the piston is on its way up the physics of “energy in motion” usually jam the piston into the cylinder head causing significant damage. If the piston is on its way down while the remanufactured connecting rod breaks, the fast moving piston will drive a gaping hole right through the engine block.

It is important to choose reman connecting rods vs. used connecting rods. We bring our remanufactured connecting rod parts back up to OEM specifications versus used connecting rods which are simply repaired as best as possible.

Remanufactured Connecting Rods vs. Used Connecting Rods

We provide a rebuilt connecting rod cost analysis compared with industry standards as well as new connecting rod prices. We believe in upfront and fair pricing with all of our diesel connecting rod parts without hidden costs or markups.

We always remanufacturer our rebuilt connecting rod parts to OEM specifications. This means that the rebuilt connecting rod is completely remanufactured to like new quality. In some instances the connecting rod is remanufactured to better than new with up to date technology than was not available in the previous connecting rod. All of our connecting rods are remanufactured, not repaired. We do not simply “repair”, we restore the remanufactured connecting rod to the same standards it was tested against the day it left the factory.

Our Rebuilt Connecting Rod Process

Summary of the rebuilding process with all reman connecting rods we receive are as follows:

1.    The engine connecting rod is cleaned
2.    Engine rods are inspected
3.    Quality control determines if connecting rods are deemed fit for remanufacturing process CAT Con Rods
4.    Engine rods are magnafluxed
5.    Connecting rods are machined to OEM specifications
6.    Connecting rods are perfected to the correct standard diameter
7.    Connecting rods are tested for even distribution and stress on the rod bearing systems
8.    New bushings are Installed
9.    Bushings are machined in all brushed rods
10.  The engine connecting rod is inspected for bend and twist
11.   Sunnen and Berco machinery perfect the remanufactured connecting rod
12.  Quality control does an internal and external inspection of the entire diesel connecting rod before shipment

In addition to the above 12 steps, our precise quality control standards make sure center-to-center balance in the rebuilt connecting rod is re-established, the piston pin brushings are checked, resized and replaced in their entirety, measurements between the piston bore and crank are retaken to ensure proper structural integrity. Lastly, in most cases, we supply new yield bolts and new torque with the order. See below for the complete quality control process for our remanufactured connecting rod parts.

Our Full 16 Point Remanufacturing Connecting Rod Summary

The complete breakdown of the engine rods remanufacturing process is as follows:

The first step to a remanufactured connecting rod is to inspect the entire part for structural damage and existing integrity. We inspect the main boar and small boar for scratches and cracks as well as measure the straightness of the engine connecting rod and internal components. We check all of the nuts, both and threads for damage and wear.  We magnaflux all of our incoming remanufactured connecting rods. We document and mark damaged areas. We also inspect the main beam of the diesel connecting rod thoroughly. If there are any cracks found within the main beam we deem it unfit for remanufacturing. Our inspection and quality control processes are some of the most stringent in the industry. We are an ISO9001 level machine shop and must follow strict remanufacturing guidelines for connecting rods.

Secondly we dissemble all components of the rebuilt connecting rod. We remove the cap from the rod and prepare it for cleaning. It is very important to mark every piece to ensure proper reassembly. Each cap and rod are marked in a matched set.

The third step is etching the engine connecting rod.  We etch the employee number code and Julian date on the cap and connecting rod surface. This is to ensure we are able to track what remanufacturing work has been done on the rebuilt connecting rod and by which one of our engine rod technicians.

The fourth step in remanufacturing a diesel connecting rod is further inspection of the bolts. We inspect each bolt for structural integrity and document our findings.Connecting Rod

The fifth step is shot peening connecting rods. Our shot peening connecting rod machine cleans and strengthens the remanufactured connecting rod causing the metal’s surface to become denser. We typically shot peen caps and blades first before shot peening connecting rod in its entirety. Shot peening a metal surface spreads it plastically which causes changes in the elemental properties of the surface. The process of shot peening connecting rod parts relieves stresses built up during the initial fabrication or grinding of the metal part. Reliving stress on the connecting rod bearing parts in place is very important as well. If the connecting rod bearings are fatigued it put stresses on other vital components. The process replaces these negative stresses with positive compressive stresses on reman connecting rods. Depending on the material used in the reman connecting rod, the geometry within the shot peening connecting rod process can increase the overall fatigue life of a rebuilt connecting rod up to 1000%. The type of shot material, intensity, quality, coverage of the shot peening all play a part of how effective the strengthening process is.

The sixth step in the remanufacturing process of an engine connecting rod is removing and discarding the pin bushing. These parts within the remanufactured connecting rod are removed via a press.

The seventh step is grinding/milling the engine rods. We grind or mill the rebuilt connecting rod to .001 to .005 of an inch off caps per OEM specifications. It is important to make sure the hole is completely round. Most older connecting rods are twisted and worn down. Through grinding, the engine connecting rod is restored to the original OEM quality. The grinding process is where we excel at most. Our grinders are some of the best in the world. The owner of the company has diligently sought out the best machinists in the world. It is their talent mixed with our mentoring program that produces top quality machinists who craft the best reconditioned connecting rods money can buy.

The eight step is deburring the engine connecting rod. After the grinding process is complete the parts are deburred with a specific belt sanding tool to remove sharp edges. Sharp edges and grinding imperfections will be rejected if left untreated.

The ninth step is to reassemble all of the finished parts in the rebuilt connecting rod per OEM specifications and regulations.

The tenth step is to hone the housing bore per OEM specifications. Through a honing machine we make very precise changes to make the moving parts in the engine rods very smooth. All of the moving parts in a remanufactured connecting rod must glide through one another with a low margin of error.

The eleventh step in remanufacturing a diesel connecting rod is pressing new pin bushings. All tapered rods are heated for insertion of bushings. Basically, what this means is that by heating up of the rods the principal of thermal expansion is expressed. The metal expands and the pin bushings are inserted. Once the metal cools down around the pin bushing the perfect fit is achieved.

The twelfth step is to hone the pin bushing per center-to-center OEM specifications. There is very little margin of error. The small bore and big bore must be perfectly centered with one another. For example the exact radius of each bore must be in sync with each other. If the center points are off even just a little bit the entire diesel connecting rod will fail.CAT Cylinder Packs

The thirteenth step is a final inspection of the finished work on all of the engines rods. Our quality control department uses testing tools separate than that of our mechanics to ensure we get an accurate independent analysis of the work being completed. We verify all dimensions against engine connecting rod specifications databases for remanufacturers. We also check all dimensions with OEM specifications. See below for the remanufactured connecting rods Quality Control Checklist.

The fourteenth step is buffing the rebuilt connecting rod. We buff the rebuilt connecting rod with Scotch Brite disk. It is important to buff reman connecting rods to further smooth out microscopic imperfections.

The fifteenth step is to spray the remanufactured connecting rods with Cosmoline. Cosmoline has been a long standing chemical of rust preventative coating. Cosmoline has been in use for almost one hundred years and was popular in WWII. The coating is a MIL-C-11796C Class 3 rust preventative. Using cosmoline keeps the remanufactured connecting rods from rusting on long overseas trips or in places where there is high humidity.

The sixteenth and final step is we package the remanufactured connecting rod parts and ship. Upon shipment we verify the work order contents and file all warranty claim form records listed in order.

Quality Control Process for any Engine Connecting Rod

The quality control process for reman connecting rods is as follows:

1.    Pull Work Order and Engine Rods
1a.    Inspect Machining Sets
1b.    Check Big and Small Ends
1c.    Overheated Areas
1d.    Dings
1e.    Straightness
2.    Check Specifications in Work Order
3.    Check Setup of Dial Bore Gages
4.    Check Gages and First Piece after Grinding
5.    Upon Completion of Honing, Check Sizes and Diameter
6.    Check Small Bore Gage
7.    Check Center-to-Center and Wrist Pin Size
8.    Check Torque Range
9.    Check Gages and First Piece after Bushing Final
10.    Check Completion of Paperwork
11.    Inspect Packaging
12.    Signoff on the Reconditioned Connecting Rods and Turn Over to Shipping 

1 Year Warranty Program

Capital Reman Exchange, LLC warrants its remanufactured products to be free from defects in material or workmanship and provides a warranty that includes 12 months unlimited miles of which the first 6 months will include parts and labor. The second 6 months will include replacement parts or components either new or remanufactured to OEM specifications. Read the entire warranty program here.

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