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Shop Talk with Jeremy

Jeremy BarkleyQuestion from Hank in Cleveland: What's the Mack E-7 Engine insulation procedure for the cylinder sleeves and refitting the liner protrusion?

Answer: Excellent question Hank. Three things to consider when looking at the insulation process for the Mack E-7 reman:

1. First you should seal the sleeves with vendor supplied RTV silicone adhesive sealant.

2. Secondly, take the calipers and take a measurement in between the fire dam and the coining bead from the deck height. The measurement should fall between 0.023-0.029" in. The tolerance should not exceed .007" in. If the tolerance is over spec the rebuilder should use shims to compensate.

3. Pro Tip of the Day: #2 and #5 camshaft main bearing should feed the rocker shaft. It is absolutely critical that the the camshaft bearing holes should insulation.

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