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Service Bulletins

Introduction: Caterpillar® C7 Engines

Correct Cylinder Head Gasket Determination for C10 & C12 Engines

Introduction: Caterpillar® “C” Series Engine Information

Reusability of Cummins® ISX & QSX Connecting Rods

Acceptable Engine Oil Consumption

Compatibility of design changes in the Cummins® ISX/QSX components and updates

3508 / 3512 / 3516 Engine Changes and Updates

Lower Cylinder Block Bores for 3400, C15, & C18 engines

General Information for 60 Series Detroit Diesel® Engines

Indicators and possible causes of common engine problems for heavy duty diesel engines

Procedures For Properly Measuring Engine Bearings

Injector tip O-ring failure?

Matching the Proper Rings to the Piston

Breaking in Rebuilt Engines

Determining the Correct Head Gasket on 3114, 3116 & 3126 (2 valve) Engines

3500 Series Water Ferrules History

Using the correct valve train parts on 3500

Why does the appearance vary on engine bearings?

Outlines 3114, 3116 & 3126 engine piston information and bore sizes

guide for oversize bearings for Caterpillar® applications 3114 – 3516 diesel and natural gas engines

A guide to the latest changes on 3500 series Caterpillar ® diesel valve train parts

Opinions, re-usability and applications for the 1685248 Isolation seal

IPD Tech Bulletin – A quick list of common acronyms

IPD Tech Bulletin – Measuring ring gaps

IPD Tech Bulletin – Caterpillar® 3400 Valve bridges

IPD Tech Bulletin – Detroit Diesel Liner Finish

IPD Tech Bulletin – Caterpillar® Rotator Failure