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Diesel Engine Parts Department
We offer OEM parts from all of the major manufacturers. Contact a  part specialist for more information about OEM diesel engine parts or natural gas engine parts. ... Read more
Common Differences Between Marine and Industrial Diesel Engines
There is no standard diesel engine for every application. For example there are industrial applications, truck application, electrical power generation, RV applications, heavy duty emergency, pumps and of course marine applications. Although, each engine is slightly different the core design is the same. The exhaust, cooling, electrical and fuel systems are all different in marine engines. This article will discuss the differences between industrial diesel engines and their marine counterparts. ... Read more
OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts: Are They Really Better?
In the automotive industry there are really two options when it comes replacement parts: OEM and Aftermarket Parts. We all know those guys that are die hard OEM people. They will swear to their dying day that OEM parts are vastly superior to their Aftermarket counter parts. They tell tales of “that one time” they got a sensor, gasket or O-Ring from a local auto parts supplier that didn’t fit quite right or failed right away. Expletives fly from their mouth at a rate of 1000 exploding suns as they go on and on about the horrible ordeal and cost them bookoo bucks. That’s all fine and well but what is the real truth? ... Read more
Diesel Engine Parts Acquisition
Capital Reman Exchange in Denver has recently acquired a massive inventory of camshafts, new parts, connecting rods, blocks and heads. Currently, Capital Reman has inventory of nearly 4,000 connecting rods, over 2,000 camshafts, many blocks, heads and new parts that include thermostats, gaskets, overhaul kits, pistons, injectors, turbos and much more. ... Read more