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Facility Tour (Images)
We welcome you to visit our 10,000 sq. diesel machine shop and engine rebuild facility located in the heart of Denver, Colorado. ... Read more
Diesel Engine Machine Shop Pics - 7/10 - 7/14
Each week here at Capital Reman is different in its own way. This week we shipped out 5 engines and had an awesome week production-wise. Everyone is working well as a team and it is really showing in the quality we are putting out the door. Our old pal Dennis Gordon did great in his new role as Director of Operations. Here are a few pictures of the guys in action. Thanks again to all of our loyal customers and vendors. ... Read more
New Shop Safety Signs
Before anything else our number one priority here at Capital Reman is the safety of our employees. Recently we had 23 safety signs designed and erected in our machine shop and engine rebuild facility as well as re-branded the front of the building. Take a look at some our new signs and banners! ... Read more
Shop Talk March 20th-24th, 2017
What a great week here at Capital Reman Exchange. We are busier than ever too meet the demand of those gearing up for the Summer Construction and Planting Season. Take a look at some of the raw shop picture this week back in the machine shop. ... Read more
Highlights from June, 6th-10th 2016
Another great week of production in the books. The best part about working at Capital Reman Exchange is the people. Everyone works with such enthusiasm and passion. ~Happiness is contagious~ Awesome work everyone! ... Read more