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Cummins Pioneers 3D Printing Technology to Produce Diesel Engine Parts
Leading heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturer, Cummins Inc., is pioneering the use of 3D Printing technology to produce and repair critical engine parts. Unlike many manufacturers in the diesel industry, Cummins has its sights on future technology; recently unveiling the first electric engine for semi-trucks. The company believes that in order to thrive in the 21st century it must innovate new technologies rather than adapt to them. Although, 3D Printing is still in its infancy it is becoming more common place for manufacturers due to the potential cost and time to market savings. ... Read more
Ford Introduces New Welding Remanufacturing Technique
Ford Motor Company has developed a breakthrough remanufacturing technique involving the repair of cylinder heads and engine blocks called Plasma Transferred Wire Arc Welding. The welding technique is an offshoot of plasma arc welding which has been revolutionary in automatically welding of large scale automotive parts. This technique was first invented in 2009 and is just now being implemented on a wide scale. ... Read more