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Reman Long Block configuration
If you find yourself at the crossroads of engine replacement, the reman long block is a concept worth exploring. It embodies the philosophy of sustainability, engineered reliability, and cost-consciousness—a trio of attributes that resonate deeply within the commercial trucking sector. ... Read more
Engine Oil Soot, Carbon, and Blow-by Issues in Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines
For semi-truck drivers, fleet managers, and over-the-road truckers, maintaining the health of your engine is critical to the longevity of your vehicle and the safety of your operations. Among the array of maintenance challenges, engine oil soot, carbon buildup, and blow-by are issues that can compromise the performance and efficiency of Cat, Cummins, Mack, and Detroit Diesel engines. ... Read more
Head Gasket Failures
Every so often, even the most robust diesels can find themselves sidelined, their power dampened by something as seemingly small as a blown head gasket ... Read more
New Re-Designed Engine: Cummins QSK60 Stage V
As you may know, the Tier IV/Stage V Final emissions regulation impacts engines above 560kW. As a result of this Cummins has bought us the new QSK60 Stage V engine as part of their 55-2125kW line up. The QSK60 ranges from 1398 – 2125kW to be utilised by excavator and dump trucks, allowing an impressive durability of near 4.2 million litres to overhaul. ... Read more
Deutz Unveils Two New Engine Designs
Deutz Corp has expanded their line of sub 25 hp engines by introducing two new models for aerial platforms, welders, trenching equipment and skid steers. These new engines have come into play due to Duetz partnering with Korea’s Kulkje Machinery CO. Both of these companies plan to sign a long term agreement. ... Read more