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107 Odd Facts About John Deere
John Deere was born into a middle class family in Rutland, Vermont on February 7, 1804. 2. John Deere was the third son of William Rinhold Deere and Sarah Yates Deere. William and Sarah had 6 children including John. ... Read more
Big Win For John Deere Owners Over ECM Modifications
In the heavy duty equipment world there has always been an unspoken battle between the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the Aftermarket and/or Independent Dealers. The rift goes back roughly 100 years when the first automotive dealers began popping up in mass. Ford, GM, Chrysler as well as long gone brands like Plymouth, Auburn and Hudson all kept an efficient supply chain including the service department, dealership, wholesaler and manufacturer. ... Read more
John Deere 4045 Engine Specifications
When you think John Deere you think of tractors and by definition the famed John Deere diesel engines. One of the most popular and familiar diesel engines in the John Deere fleet is the famed PowerTech John Deere 4045 engine. But how did John Deere get it start from making plows to producing world class diesel engines? This article will explain the beginnings of the John Deere Corporation and the technical specifications of John Deere 4045 diesel engines. ... Read more
Students Swap In John Deere 4045T Into Dodge Ram
Different strokes for different folks that’s what I always say. It’s funny how different yet the same city kids are from farm kids. It’s two completely different worlds both with their own unique pros and cons. My freshman year college roommate was a corn-fed farm boy named Anthony who hailed from Kimball, Nebraska… a one stoplight town located right smackdab in the panhandle of Nebraska. I on the other hand was a mischievous city lad from “Hippie Town USA” also known as Boulder, Colorado. Despite our different backgrounds we became quick friends and the following summer Anthony invited me to visit his hometown for a weekend. I didn’t think I would enjoy my trip to the land of dirt but I obliged my friend and went anyways. But hey maybe an adventure awaits I thought? And off we went. ... Read more
Rebuilt John Deere 6061 Diesel Engine Job Complete
Now that is a fine looking engine there. The John Deere 6061 is complete! The rebuilt John Deere 6061 engine consists of engine block, cylinder head, camshaft, crankshaft, rockers, lifters and connecting rods. Nice job guys! Speaking of John Deere you can read about the history of the John Deere 4045 Engine here. ... Read more